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The Alignment Waves | Spark | Free Edition

What is Alignment Waves? 

This is a group experience to help you find yourself and feel better. Together we will shake off the last few years as we heal from emotional pain and grow our confidence. Most of us feel super behind, and the quickest way to get back our time - is to make aligned choices.

How It Works: 

  • Movement - 30 minutes of walking, breath work, or other movement each day.
  • Emotional Healing - each day has a theme with guidance to help you heal emotional pain.
  • Beliefs - consistent movement will give your brain evidence that things are moving and life is changing.
  • Confidence - you will start to feel better each day and start to see more opportunities and choices for yourself.
  • Connection - this community is designed to be a safe place to belong, change is hard by ourselves which is why we need each other.
  • Vibration - your energy will continue to grow as you move, feel, connect, and start to believe in the magic of you.

What's Included: 

SPARK (free option)

  • Course Login - access our signature healing journey, including videos, resources.
  • Discord Server Access - motivational support from team leaders who will help cheer you on when you post.
  • Motivational Lives - Kayla will be guiding you to feel emotion, set intentions, and find alignment.

**This checkout page is for: SPARK (the free option) you will have to upgrade to GLOW or SET FIRE

--> Upgrade to GLOW ($60)

  • Clarity Calls - Traci will be offering intimate group calls on zoom - where you'll find deeper healing, clarity, and connect with powerful energy healing practices.
    • These calls can be purchased separately for $40 each - OR - GLOW ($60) 1 time payment provides access to every call offered from now til our event in September. 

--> SET FIRE ($3960)

Unveil the full magnitude of your healing potential during our life-altering, in-person weekend event in the heart of San Francisco, September 22nd - 24th.

  • In Person Weekend Event - The Choice Experience is a weekend full of channeled healing, visualization, inspiration, connection, live performance, and an unforgettable conversation with "The Gift" 
    • You will be guided to make The Aligned Choice that will change your life forever will be made and you will experience the deepest healing of your life.

Why Alignment Waves?

Making aligned choices is how we find fulfillment, happiness, and moments worth living.

When we are exhausted as hell, and possibly in burnout - making choices, moving, and any effort is the last thing we will do. 

This fall we will be hosting an in-person healing experience for an entire weekend. This is where a pivotal moment of change can happen where you step into your destiny and find your purpose. 

This Alignment Waves series is a gift we offer to anyone who is wanting to feel better. Our hope is that some of you will come to our event with us here in San Francisco where the real magic happens.

Alignment waves helps you get into movement and higher vibration so that when you are ready to make an aligned choice with us this fall - BIG healing and opportunity happens for you. 

We like to think of water when it comes to emotion - and the ocean is a beautiful metaphor. The waves of emotion will rise and fall with the waves, the moon may pull you back and forth, there may be storms, or hope on the horizon. When you allow the emotion, you experience the beauty of it all - and are able to create a life you love that aligns with your soul, self, and mind.


No more waiting to feel better first - join today!


What People Are Saying:

At the end of 2016, I found myself in a doctor’s office having innumerable blood tests to figure out why I was so tired. The doctor found nothing of note and quickly pointed to a high stress career with long hours as the culprit. I knew it was more than that. Many days, I’d be fine all day and the moment I’d get in the car to go home, I’d be hit with a wave of fatigue and sleepiness that was almost made it irresponsible of me to drive. No amount of sleep could fix it. I found Traci & Kayla shortly after. Over the next year and a half, Traci and Kayla taught me how to manage my emotions and stress, and how to minimize its impact on me. They also taught me the power of intention and the importance of routines. Depending on your perspective, these things may sound very mundane. I can assure you, they are not. They were life changing. As we close 2017, I’m still in a high stress career, but I’m controlling it. It’s not controlling me. And the fatigue? It’s gone. The work with Traci (and Kayla) this year has been the best investment in myself that I’ve ever made. Would I go as far as saying T&K are magic? Well, they certainly were (and continue to be) for me. I would not be the same if it wasn't for my calls with Traci.


I went to visit Traci and Kayla for a session in person in NYC. I had no idea what to expect. I was so nervous, and so excited all at the same time. But I was READY. I think that if you're here, and you've come this far, and you're reading this... You know somewhere inside that you're ready. You have to be ready for the transformation in order to see the change you've been dreaming of. Your transformation could be anything - it's whatever you feel and know is holding you back. Mine was PTSD. I was afraid of water, and after working with them I have been on boats and actually swam IN THE WATER without anxiety or fear. When you meet with Traci and Kayla, their loving energy will envelop you. They will make sure you're comfortable, and will talk through what you want to accomplish. The reality I've always known, no longer affects me. My new beginning started immediately with them. I feel like I'm floating, like the world outside is waiting for me to explore it and dream so I can make those dreams come true... I feel like magic... And for the first time in a long time, I feel truly alive - forever. I have soaring confidence and believe that I am worthy of this transformation. Traci and Kayla are going to rock your world and change your life in the most amazing ways.


Each year with T & K is better than the last. They are with me through each step of my journey, providing expert guidance and endless love. I am so grateful to have found them. Looking back, I can hardly recognize myself from a few short years ago. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better, and I have developed true and lasting confidence. I can’t wait to see what this next year holds and I would absolutely recommend working with them in any capacity. Get ready for change! Traci and Kayla, you are always in my heart.